Danuu Kayak Cover


The concept is simple..

..an adjustable, drop-on cover that breathes and protects.

Sure, we could have made it like a sock or sealed tight with a zipper, but those custom covers are out there for those who want that style. We wanted a cover for our own crafts that was buy-off-the-shelf, easy to use, fast on/off and affordable! If that is what you want, then we have the cover for you!! No more waiting weeks for your custom order, then struggling with putting your craft in and out of the sock, trapping sand, pebbles and moisture inside, or just not having enough money left over for gas to get to the water.

Uniquely designed, we hassled over every detail so you would not have to. Hassle-free and with prices starting a just over a hundred bucks - Danuu covers are your answer!

You can use the wince straps along the side or crossed over the hull.
You can buckle the side straps like this or
over picture) cross the straps over the hull!

Drop-on and go! Pull off and paddle away!!
What could be easier?

Cover so good it's PATENTED!

Thanks Alex for the great pictures!!

See more images, up-close, on covering your paddle boat with a Danuu Cover Me Cover!.

Danuu Kayak & Canoe Covers

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