Meet Robbie. He is a sun lovin' dawg!

Robbie and Rocky say
Bow WOW -
(that's Enjoy!
in dog bark)




Here at Danuu we love our dogs. Buddies to the end, we take them with us wherever we go - even paddling!  Now with our new gear for dogs, they can have the same quality products we provide for you paddlers.  The best part is that 100% of the proceeds from the online sale of our collars and leashes are donated to save our four legged friend through organizations like No KillAnimal Shelters and Barks of Love.  Please click on the link below to see if you can help in your area.

Here is Rockie Racoon.  He loves a good beach run!
Danuu Dawg Team  -  MURPHY!





patterns to choose from..

Paddle Dawgs Collar

Now your dawg can show off your favorite sport too! With the Danuu kayak logo in endless wonder, these collars come in small 7-11"(red only), medium 11-16", and large 16-25"

Select what color/pattern you want (see below)


Small Size
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Medium Size
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Large Size
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patterns to choose from (see above)

Paddle Dawgs Leash
Now walk your dawg in style with a Danuu logo leash! Let everyone know where you'd rather be!  6 feet in length

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Special Deal!

Combine a collar and leash
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Collar & Leash Combo
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MTI Doggie Life Jacket

The life jacket for dogs that is the first ergonomically designed buoyancy aid for the swimming canine. With 90% of the flotation in the water under the chest and neck, the underDOG supports the natural swim angle of the dog. Traditional dog vests pull the body into a horizontal position. With the underDOG the rear is allowed to sink lower than the forelegs, freeing the hind legs to swim more efficiently, while the neck is supported so that the head rides higher above the water line. It works with your dog so they are less fatigued after a long swim - they would tell you so if they could! Comes in red and mango, as pictured.

XS (2-12 lbs)
S (12-24 lbs)
M (24-60 lbs)
L (60-90 lbs)
XL (90-120 lbs)

Doggie Life Jacket


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Me & Molly

Here is a video from Jerry Vandiver called "Me and Molly". A tribute to our favorite four legged friends.

Jerr sent this to us on January 21, 2013 along with this note..
"Thought you might enjoy this little song/slide show of a tune I wrote and recorded about paddling with our canine companions.  I'll be doing this song on stage at Canoecopia this year with the slide show to accompany it.  Hope you enjoy it. Jerr "

Share your pooch pics with us and we will build a collage of images here. Send the images through the link on the contact page.

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